Who am I and why am I doing this?

I’m a new Master Mason fresh from the quarry, seeking light and knowledge. 

Basically, this blog will be a memoir about my Masonic journey. I was initiated as an Entered Apprentice in October 2014, passed to the degree of Fellowcraft in December 2014, and raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in March 2015, all from the Claremont Masonic Lodge #436. In May 2015, I received the 4th-32nd degrees from the Scottish Rite in Pasadena.

Interspersed here and there between my memoir entries will be links to Masonic information that I have found helpful, interesting, entertaining, or meaningful. As I am able, I will provide a list of what I’m currently reading, listening to, studying, and ideas that I am developing. There will also be a section for contributor’s. If interested, see this.

A brief introduction:

I am 38 years old, married to the love of my life, and have two amazing sons from a previous marriage who live with my wife and I. I am a doctoral student at Claremont Graduate University, studying social psychology. My academic research interests are varied, including extremism, social identity, persuasive messaging, and impact of extracurricular activity on youth. I have a master’s in social psychology, and bachelor’s degrees in psychology and religious studies.

I currently work as a researcher for the Claremont Graduate University School of Community and Global Health, and I’m the social media manager for three Gymboree Play & Music locations in the Inland Empire. I also have a media production company and have dabbled in filmmaking and writing.

My favorite non-masonic things:

My wife, kids, family, friends, and brethren will all likely tell you that I’m a huge geek. I constantly talk about Doctor Who, Star Wars, board games, and anything related to comics. I pick up comics weekly from my hometown shop “A Shop Called Quest,” I subscribe to Loot Crate, and I just finished the first Smithsonian EdX course The Rise of Superheroes in Pop Culture taught by Prof. Michael Uslan and Stan Lee. I’ve recently read Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One (thanks to Loot Crate), and I can’t wait to see what Stephen Spielberg can do with it. Also, I like getting tattooed at Brave New World in Upland by Andi Evrard.

Why am I writing this?

There are several reasons I’m writing this blog. First, I want to show people who do not know about Freemasonry or want to know about Freemasonry that we’re just everyday people, trying to make the world a better place. Second, most of the blogs and podcasts I have seen and listened to are written by Masons who have been around a little bit and I was hoping that I could create a space to provide a fresh, unseasoned perspective. Third, I want to help someone on their journey by providing mine as an example, not to follow per se, but to facilitate, guide, or mentor somehow along the way. Finally, I’m a writer, and this is something I am really excited to be writing about.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you find it enjoyable, if not educational.

My sincere regards,

Jared Chapman 32°


  1. Brother Chapman, my lodge brother, Robert E. Burtt, recommended I contact you. I’ve recently published a fictional trilogy that involves the Brotherhood. Brother Burtt thought you might be interested in posting bits of it on your blog. My personal email address is jimknights@zoominternet.net. Fraternally, Jim Knights.

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  2. Brother Chapman, I am the Chaplain of Lodge 102 in Rockford, IL and I am also a full-time professional voice artist. I’m creating a new YouTube series and would love to narrate some of your articles to use in the videos. Could you please get back with me to discuss? You can email me at darren @ marlarhouse . com. Thank you, and may the blessings of Heaven be upon you!


  3. Jared, saw and liked your website freshfromthequarry. Noticed that you have read Ready Player One. May I suggest a further reading recommendation or two? Parzival, written 800 years ago, as it should resonate. As will The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily.
    Fraternal regards,


  4. Bro. Chapman,

    I would like permission to use your photograph of the Friend to Friend monument in MSA’s reprint of the Short Talk Bulletins.



    S. Brent Morris
    PM, Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076, EC
    Managing Editor, The Scottish Rite Journal


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