My Masonic Education: 6/2/15

What am I reading, listening to, and working on right now?Masonic Education

Periodically, I will provide a sampling of what I am currently delving into in regard to my Masonic Education. This may include podcasts I have found inspiring or educational, books that have helped me to gain a deeper understanding about some aspect of Freemasonry, groups or talks I have attended to gain more light, and research ideas that I am ready to share.

Masonic Education this week:

Yesterday, I mailed off the first module of the Master Craftsman III course developed by the Scottish Rite, SJ. This is a correspondence course that covers the symbolism of the Blue Lodge through Albert Pike’s Esoterika. The course is $60 and comes with the book. Unlike many of his other books, this one is said to be pretty clear to read. I haven’t actually began reading Pike’s work yet, as the first part of the class covered the introductory material. The good thing about a class like this is it keeps you accountable. When I purchased MCIII, I also purchased MCI (at the time of this posting may not be available) which comes with DeHoyos’ Scottish Rite Ritual Monitor & Guide (3rd Edition) for only $35. MCI covers the Scottish Rite and MCII can only be taken after MCI is completed. MCIII can be taken at anytime, because it covers the Blue Lodge. However, some of the reading selections in MCIII require readings from DeHoyos’ SRRM&G, so lucky thing I purchased both. I recommend you do the same and start with MCIII as some of the reading overlaps, at least for now.

Saturday, I attended the philosophy reading group at the Pasadena Scottish Rite Cathedral. We covered the 25th degree in detail. I will provide a more in depth article on that later this month.

This week, I have been reading materials related to the philosophy reading group and the Master Craftsman courses, as well as a lot of blogs online, reddit, and such. Some of the blogs I am currently following and have found some great information on are: The Tao of Masonry and Freemasonry for Dummies. A great aggregate list of Masonic Blogs can be found here. Also, there are some great conversations happening on reddit at /r/freemasonry/ and /r/scottishrite, so check those out too, if you haven’t already.

Since my introduction to The Masonic Roundtable on May 15th, I have been binge-listening to their podcasts. I’m currently on episode 32.5. There is a lot of light there and I have found much of it very inspiring. I have tried to translate some of it to work I am doing in my lodge. So, thank you guys for doing what you do.

Upcoming Education:

Chris Hodapp will be speaking at Burbank Masonic Lodge #406 on June 20th and Newport Mesa Lodge on June 21st. Reservations are required. If any brother is interested in going, I’m looking for a few good brothers to attend.

Well, I think that’s it for this week. You can find me posting on Reddit and Twitter as QuarryFresh, please give me a follow on Twitter if you can. As of this post, I only have 1 follower, so help a brother out 🙂 Also, please like my Facebook page and connect with me on the FreemasonNetwork.

Have a glorious day full of light and wonder.

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