Topic of Masonic Interest: Conflicting Events

June Calendar

Contemplating how I should approach this blog, and how I can be prolific in my publication, I began laying out my intention for a daily topic:

  • Mondays, I will post a memoir entry for My Masonic Journey.
  • Tuesdays, I will post something to do with Masonic Education. It could be My Masonic Education, describing what I’m currently reading, listening to or working on, or perhaps a re-blog or review of some other Masonic information I found interesting.
  • Wednesdays, I will post something I call a Topic of Masonic Significance. I’m not exactly sure what this will be yet, but so far I have ideas for things I have gleaned from my interactions with other brothers at lodge and group meetups.
  • Thursdays, I would like to keep open for contributors, fellow Masons who are willing to share their own Masonic Journey. If I don’t have any contributors for the day, I will try to find something of Masonic Interest to share.
  • Fridays, will be reserved for something with humor and/or relief. I’d like to showcase a good charity, cause, or share what my lodge is doing.
  • Saturdays and Sundays, I’m going to keep free for now, but I might post something about coming events when they come to my knowledge.

Speaking of coming events, they will be my first topic of Masonic significance. I was actually going to write about something completely different, but after posting this on reddit, I realized this topic is more apropos. What do you do when your lodge, other lodges around you, the Rite, or the Shrine have events on the same day? How do we stop this from happening? What can we really do about it? How do we choose what to attend and what not to? We may be Masons, but we’re no superheroes. We can’t be in all these places at the same time.

Before I joined the Scottish Rite, I really was only exposed to my lodge and the two other lodges in my district. However, my son, Mason, attends DeMolay at a lodge outside my district. I have been there on occasion, but until recently, it was only for DeMolay events. Even with just three lodges, we were finding our events sometimes conflicting. A few months back, I wanted to attend a conference at UCLA on Freemasonry and Conspiracies, but it was the same day as another lodge’s chili cook-off where some brothers from my lodge had a booth, and my lodge was having its St. Patrick’s Day dinner. I couldn’t do them all, as badly as I wanted to.

Now it’s happening again. On June 20, my lodge has the Job’s Daughters installation and my Worshipful Master and Secretary have asked for us mystical creatures (Master Masons) to attend so that they will know we truly exist and support them. Another lodge in my district is having a Murder Mystery/seven course steak dinner, and a lodge outside of my district (yet closer to my lodge than the other lodges in my district) is having a steak and crab dinner. Not only that, but as I posted above, Chris Hodapp is going to be speaking at the Burbank Lodge. What is a brother to do? As much as I would like to do them all, I just can’t.

I’m sure this is going to happen more often than not. But on the positive side, I guess it’s better to have too many things to choose from, then to have nothing at all to do.tumblr_nj1z57mY2n1qzhxjao1_1280

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