My Masonic Education: 6/30/15

What am I reading, listening to, and working on right now?Masonic Education

This week, I’m still reading Daniel C. Matt’s God and The Big Bang. I found out that a new edition of this great book is on the horizon (order it here). It’s been a busy week, so I haven’t done much with education other than that and listening to episodes of TMR. Interestingly, right after I posted yesterday’s blog post I listened to their episode on Kabbalah. Eric Diamond of Ex-Oriente was the guest and so insightful. If you have any interest in Kabbalah, I recommend you give that episode a listen. I am now adding Ex-Oriente to my Masonic Mixtape, so that I can get even more light… as soon as I get caught up on TMR. I’m on episode 56 now.

This next bit isn’t necessarily a part of my Masonic education, but just real-life learning. I’ve found that there are costs associated with doing a blog. There are certain fees associated to the site, but also the time it takes to work on it takes away from being able to work at a job where I actually make money. I didn’t realize how much time was needed to prepare and write something of decent quality. At least, I hope it is of decent quality. I hope people are enjoying what I do here. Anyway, to help alleviate some of the costs associated with the blog, I’ve created an Amazon store. The link is also on the About Me page and linked to the books above. The money earned through the store will go toward blog maintenance, etc., and any leftover proceeds will be donated to charity. Likely, it will be one I highlight on a Friday post.

So, let’s talk about time now. I’m going to have to cut back on my blog days, so I’m hoping I can get some help from brothers out there. Brethren can a post concerning something about their Masonic Journey to Contributor’s Corner. Please get the submissions to me before Thursday of each week. I’d also like to start a new topic for Tuesdays called From the Mentor’s Mouth. I’m not even close to being experienced enough yet in Freemasonry to provide any Masonic education. So, I’m hoping I can find some seasoned brethren to submit something here to help young brethren or potential brothers in their Masonic Journey. I’ll still post My Masonic Education, but only once or twice a month.

I’m working on so much right now, being a husband and father, moving up the line at lodge, memorizing the catechism and ritual work, building the website for the lodge, and create a community outreach committee. None of that is paid work or school work, which I’m also doing. It’s so fulfilling, yet so time-consuming. But, I probably wouldn’t want it any other way. That’s just how I do things.

If you are a brother wanting to share a bit about Your Masonic Journey, email me with the subject: Contributor’s Corner.

If you are a seasoned brother wanting to share some advice or education that would help a young Mason or potential brother on Their Masonic Journey, email me with the subject: From the Mentor’s Mouth.

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