Be Good to Vets Month!

Last night at the Claremont Masonic Lodge stated meeting, Grand Master Russ Charvonia’s proclamation for the month of July was read, declaring July Support Our Masonic Veterans Month in California. I have several lodge Brother’s who served and I am thankful for their service to their countries. It’s amazing to think about the sacrifice veterans made for us. They put aside their lives monetarily to go into harms way to insure the freedoms of this great nation. Then, they returned home to try to reclaim those lives they left behind, but many saw the world differently having gone through what they had. To choose to become a Mason and work to repair the world after seeing the worst in it is truly inspiring. As Most Worshipful Charvonia wrote:

We enjoy the freedoms we have today because of the veterans in our communities and lodges, and those who served even before our time. As we work to repair our world, let us ensure that we remember to recognize those who sacrificed their own well being so that we might pursue all the ambitions that our glorious freedom provides

How do we Support our Masonic Veteran Brothers? Beyond the recognition and the gratitude that I have, I wish I knew. So, while surfing the interwebs today and wondering about such topics, I came upon something amazing.

Before I share it, I need to preface this with: I’m not really a fan of country music, but I remember listening to this guy’s songs in high school and actually liking them.

“Who’s that guy with the cowboy hat,” you non-country loving folk say? Well, he’s the guy who married this country girl, making many a young man hate him. Myself included.

But, as we got older, we got over it. If you’re still not sure, he’s the guy with that 1994 anthem, “Don’t Take The Girl.”

So, what does this have to do with anything?

Well, this guy has given more than 100 homes to Veterans! This year during his tour, he plans to give out 30 more. That’s doing something good for vets! I wish I had the ability to do something that great.

Happy 4th of July to the American Brothers reading this!

To the Veterans reading this, thank you and know that I appreciate what you have done to protect my freedoms and the freedoms of all Americans!

To all the my Masonic Veteran Brothers, I sincerely and fraternally thank you for continuing to do the good work that you do!

To Tim MacGraw and Faith Hill, come back to Vegas. I’d like to see the show (even though I’m not really a fan of country music).

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