UPDATED 7/13: Helping Candace’s Family

On Saturday, July 18, 2015 at 1pm, family and friends are invited to the Celebration of Life for Candace Adrienne Coffee at Dove Creek Bible Church. It is requested that family and friends write letters to her darling boys, Jude and Jack, sharing memories of their wonderful mother. These letters are to be compiled into a book for the boys.

Those loved ones unable to attend can send Flowers/Cards/Letters to Jude and Jack via snail mail or email to Candace’s sister, Dominique. Also, if you haven’t yet donated and are interested, here is the GoFundMe link to Jude and Jack’s Scholarship Fund.

7/10/15 Blog Post: Helping Candace’s Family

On Fridays, I generally highlight a charity or something to do with relief, OR I share something with some humor. I’m not feeling particularly funny today, still reeling from the loss of my friend. Both her and her family have been on my mind all week. After finding about her sudden stroke, I wrote about it on Tuesday here. Two days later, I found out she had passed, so I updated that post. Last night, I found that someone had started a GoFundMe campaign to help the 2-year-old twin boys she left behind.


Since Tuesday, I have had 2546 views on that blog posting raising awareness for Candace. That’s a huge amount compared to what I usually see here. That says to me that there are a lot of people out there that loved her or do love her now, because they were exposed to the wonderful person she was via that post. If each of those viewers gave $4, the GoFundMe campaign would be funded this instant.

Please check out the campaign and help as you are able. Learn more about Devic’s Disease and NMO here.

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