My Masonic Education: 7/14/15

What am I reading, listening to, and working on right now?

Masonic Education

I didn’t realize how slowly I read until I started this blog and kept track of what I’ve been reading. I’m still reading Daniel C. Matt’s God and the Big Bang. I’m still working on my 3° proficiency. And, I’m still binge-listening to The Masonic Roundtable (although I’ve watched a few of their videos instead of listening to the podcast). I’m now on episode 68, so I should be caught up on the show by next week! What a triumph!

On July 6th, I visited the Southern Pasadena Masonic Lodge No. 290 for their Illumination Series lecture. The topic was Sacred Geometry and was presented by Bro. Todd St. Vaughn. Some of the lectures in this series are only open to Masons, but this one was open to all. There was a large turn out, and when Bro. Todd asked who was not a Mason a good handful of those in attendance raised their hands. I was pleasantly surprised. It’s good to see people interested in what we do.

I asked Bro. Todd to contribute something on Sacred Geometry for my new Topic/Column/Thread: From the Mentor’s Mouth (Coming Soon), so I won’t say anything more about that subject. As I am a new brother fresh from the quarry, I do not feel that I have yet learned enough to provide any education or advice to new or potential Masons. All I’m trying to do is present my Journey in hopes that what I have gone through may help them upon their way. However, Masonic Education is an important part of Freemasonry, so I wanted to provide something more than just my Journey. Therefore, From the Mentor’s Mouth will be contributions made by more seasoned brothers with advice and education for new or potential Masons.

FTMM logo

Tomorrow night, I will be going back to the South Pasadena Masonic Lodge to attend the Southern California Research Lodge meeting.

Southern California Research Lodge is the user friendly education and information Lodge (3,000 members, in every U.S. state plus 30 foreign countries) that offers services to Lodges, Masonic Education Committeemen, District and Lodge Education Officers and Master Masons. Individual Master Masons as well as Lodges and other Masonic bodies are eligible for membership.

As education and research is a very important part of Freemasonry, there are many research lodges around the globe.

As I said earlier, I’m almost caught up on The Masonic Roundtable, so I’ve been looking for other podcasts to add to my Masonic Mixtape, if you will.

2015-07-14 22.35.03

Do you have any favorite podcasts that I should add to this list?

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