Brothers in Need and A New Conspiracy

New Conspiracy

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone and EID MUBARAK to all my Muslim Brothers! السلام عليكم‎

Before I begin with the two topics I wanted to present today (Relief: Brothers in Need and Humor: A New Conspiracy), I want to post something brief about yesterday’s horrific shooting of our Marines in Chattanooga. As of yet, we do not know what motivated this man to kill, but we do know that his heart and mind were not filled with love, truth, charity, or the peace that should’ve filled his heart at the end of Ramadan. We must keep in mind that this man’s motives were his alone, and we should not condemn anyone other than him for his heinous actions. We should keep our hearts and thoughts with the family of those men who lost their lives that day.


A couple days ago, word spread around the usual Masonic Facebook pages I follow and the r/Freemasonry subreddit about the ceiling collapse at the Veedersburg Lodge #491F. & A. M. of Indiana. Unfortunately, their insurance policy doesn’t cover damage due to wear and tear over time, and the 100 or so year plaster on the ceiling gave in, so it’s not covered. These Brothers are in need and looking for help from the Masonic community and beyond by creating a GoFundMe campaign. In just two days, they’ve raised over 10% of the necessary funds to rebuild. I shared this on Facebook and my mother even donated! She’s awesome! So, please help as you are able.


We all know the Masonic connections with Nintendo, right? I mean here it is plainly illustrated (speculative and operative).

I maya be a plumber, but I'ma Super Mason.

And don’t forget this important Illuminati symbol!

So, it should come to no surprise that when the much-beloved president and CEO of Nintendo started moving things away from the designs implemented by the Rothschild Masonic Illuminati (Club?) that he was assassinated (and not at all due to medical complications arising from a bile duct tumor that had been discovered some time before). No, no. That’s just what they want you to think. It makes it look natural and not at all a specific targeting (“ATARI”) of Satoru Iwata.

I have done some considerable research by Googling things this morning and have found many considerable postings on various blogs and forums that lead me to believe that some kind of link between Nintendo and Freemasonry and the Illuminati does in fact exist in some of these posters and bloggers minds. Unfortunately, I was unable to retrieve an original copy of the dissertation pointing out the connections as described in RocketNews24‘s blog page post on the subject. Maybe if I tried to dig further into the proverbial Google-abyss I might find something, but I don’t really care.

Rest in Peace, Satoru Iwata. You made our dreams come true.

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