Doctor Who: Is the Doctor a Freemason?


If you are not familiar with Doctor Who, the long-running British sci-fi series, beginning in 1963 with the first Doctor played by William Hartnell, then where have you been? Do you walk through life with blinders on OR are you Anglophobic?
3D Anglophobe

What do we know about the Doctor?

He is a fictional time- and space- traveling alien called a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. He is human in outward appearance, but has two hearts. He has lived for 1000s of years, regenerating into a new body each time he dies, and serves as a protector of the Earth, as well as countless other planets, from a myriad of enemies that might destroy humanity.

His ship is the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space), a sentient machine that often times has a mind of its own, taking the Doctor where he is most needed.

Additionally, the Doctor travels with various companions of all shapes and sizes, serving as a mentor, father-figure, teacher, friend, and lover (Rose and River).

Although the original TV show began in 1963 and ran until 1989, the story of the Doctor never ended in written and audio formats. A TV movie attempted to reboot the series in 1996, but the series did not return to TV until 2005.

Presently, the Doctor is played by Peter Capaldi, also known as the Twelfth Doctor. It was confirmed in the episode “The Time of the Doctor” that a Time Lord could only regenerate 12 times, but the Time Lords could grant additional regenerations if they truly wanted to. (See Bottom of this post for a Spoiler Alert concerning this).

Is the Doctor a Freemason?

Substantial evidence for the possibility of the Doctor being a Freemason in at least one of his incarnations has accumulated among the various posters and bloggers of the webisphere.

First, let’s begin with the obvious connection. Freemasons revere the Holy Saints John. Well, as you can see on the Tardis, there is an emblem for the St. John Ambulance, which is a non-governmental, charitable organization dedicated to the teaching and practice of first aid. Sound familiar? It falls within the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem, which is descended from the Order of Malta (also known as the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta). The Knights Hospitaller fought alongside the Knights Templar in the Crusades, and as you may well know, there is a tradition that Freemasonry descends from the Knights Templar.

Connection Confirmed!

Next, let’s move onto the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, and his obvious connections to Freemasonry and the Illuminati.

This Anti-Masonic YouTuber presents the symbolism contained within Doctor Who that is related to Freemasonry and by extension the Illuminati. Using images from Google, this YouTuber shows without a doubt that Doctor Who is the “puppet master” fighting Sutekh in Pyramids of Mars, and we even see that one of Sutekh’s followers wears a fez. The cover of the episode even has a triangle on it.

Connection confirmed!

Since we brought up the Illuminati, let’s look at some more of the Doctor Who references that abound in the series. According to Aspen, Doctor Who is an Illuminati-managed project bent on destroying Israel via its occult symbology, anti-religion, and multi-sexuality messages. How does he make this connection you ask?

1) The show presents an analogy to the Jewish race that matches precisely the manner in which Jews at large have been used, manipulated, and sentenced to die.

2) New episodes of the show mirror world events which have transpired more or less recently. When we keep in mind that these episodes were planned and created more than a year in advance, we begin to see a pattern:  the Illuminati have a precise plan and are acknowledging their  hand in the unfolding of events.

He claims that the Daleks are Jews, as the word is derived from the Norwegian word for bad (dalig). He claims that the Bad Wolf in the re-launched series follows the Protocols of Zion symbolism for the Illuminati claim of being wolves against the human sheep or SHEEPLE. Thus, the Doctor is an enemy of the Jews.

Further, when the Twelfth Doctor, Matt Smith, dons the fez, saying “I wear a Fez now,” he was making a statement about the unrest that broke out in North Africa. I wonder what “Bowties are cool” meant. There are so many more connections he makes, including the Face of Boe, the Scotland Yard, Rory the Roman, Pandorica, the Weeping Angels, and so much Satanic symbolism that I’m surprised he doesn’t mention the Satan Pit. Regardless, these connections to the Illuminati are compelling! Or not

Connection Confirmed!

But is the Doctor a Freemason??? Well, that question was asked and answered on this site, but I’ll just repost it here for your learning pleasure:

At the very least, the mythology of freemasonry is a part of Doctor Who. The Freemasons are an international secret society “having as its principles brotherliness, charity and mutual aid,” (Websters) or, as stated by Colin Wilson in his history of the occult, seeking nothing less than “the regeneration of mankind.” Wilson goes on to state that the freemason organisation has become the home of “occultists, alchemists, astrologers, and so on,” — in other words, an order of a very similar nature to the Time Lords of Gallifrey.

The Egyptian branch of Freemasonry was founded by the charlatan magician Cagliostro, and has as part of its mythology the following interesting claim (again from Colin Wilson) ‘the pupils of the prophets never die… they have twelve lives, and after each, rise up from their ashes like the phoenix. Cagliostro began to drop hints that he was thousands of years old.’

Each branch or temple of the freemasons is governed by a Master — and Cagliostro set himself up as the Master of them all. Perhaps a certain renegade Time Lord was attempting to create a rival group on Earth, one with similar powers that would, in time, grow to an extent that would allow it to challenge the Gallifreyan order?

Or, far more likely, perhaps when it came time to flesh out the mythos of Doctor Who writers Terrance Dicks and Robert Holmes did some research into a real-life ‘secret society.’

And finally, we have some more on Doctor Who and Masonic Symbolism found here. The author shows that in the episode “Let’s Kill Hitler,” the Doctor is dying, makes a sudden wardrobe change (to look like a Worshipful Master of a lodge with a cane), and likely about to be initiated into the Illuminati. See all the symbolism this guy put together?


I hope you enjoyed this as much as my geeky self did. Remember, the Doctor returns this fall!









Peter Capaldi is actually the 14th incarnation of the Doctor. How can that happen if Time Lords can only regenerate 12 times, leaving 13 incarnations total? And where did all these extra regenerations occur? Good questions! Here’s a video of all the Doctor’s regenerations.

As you may have noticed in the first image, there are 13 doctors. So, how is Peter Capaldi the 14th? Well, the 10th doctor, David Tennant, was vain and was about to die, but instead used his severed hand to funnel his regenerative power into, and kept his body.

This actually made him the 10th and 11th doctors. But, not really, because we found out in the episode “The Name of the Doctor,” that John Hurt was the War Doctor. The War Doctor was the incarnation between 8, Paul McGann, and 9, Christopher Eccleston, who fought against the Daleks in the Time War. So, 9 is actually 10, 10 is 11 and 12, 12 is 13, and that makes Peter Capaldi the 14th. But, there can only be 13 incarnations, right?

So what happened? The Time Lords of Gallifrey opened a doorway from the bubble universe they had been trapped in and granted the Doctor a whole new set of regenerations. Thus, the Twelfth Doctor’s incarnation.

I hope that sets things straight. If you haven’t watched Doctor Who before, get started right away. I recommend watching the episode Blink (season 3, episode 10). Enjoy!


  1. Better be careful, Illuminati agents who see this post might send in the Daleks that are under construction at the Tower of London to silence you for disclosing this ultra secret conspiracy.


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