On Spirituality at 20-years-old… Part II

The Neverending Dreamer by Cameron Gray

For Part I of this series, check out the original blog post On Spirituality at 20-years-old… These continued thoughts and ideas of my evolving spirituality are shared only to understand my own spiritual development and how it relates to what I’ve found harmony with in Freemasonry. If someone else is struggling with the same ideas, I hope these musings can serve to help in some way, to at least know, you are not alone.

Please understand that each of these musings are my own interpretations or coming to understanding of what I believe, and any application of the words used is not meant to define them in general, but in my specific thought process alone.

October 1, 1997  1:59am

Karma –

Although I have noted that all actions and deeds will have set consequences, that is not to say that those actions will lead someone to a higher ground such as heaven. I have no belief in a high place of enlightenment other than the truth that one finds within oneself during life. The result of truth lives on beyond man’s life. Rather, I feel Karma is a matter of hospitality. Such like, “The Golden Rule” in the Bible, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Karma is just an idea or guideline that states each action will suffer a reaction. Whether the action or reaction is positive is of no concern, other than, I feel positivity is much easier tolerated.

Ahimsa –

This is the Jainist doctrine and practice of non-violence. It is a positive action and therefore part of Karma. I feel non-violence towards a part of Atman is important, so Ahimsa is included beyond Karma. Man’s duty is to gain knowledge, discover truth, and protect life. Through the practice of Ahimsa, and other practices, those goals can be achieved.

Copied from my [World Religions] notes 9/30/97   5:50pm

  • The mercury maze… begins with one, separates into individuals, then returns to the original.
  • Life is not a testing ground to reach a higher purpose… life repeats itself each time, gaining new knowledge.

Atman 1

–> life is a separation, a time being away from the eternal soul.

–> death is the return

  • Because we are all from Atman, everything with the proper amount of Ajiva can be capable of anything.
  • There is Eternal Soul-Atman, Individual living soul-Ajiva and non-living soul (Still a part of Atman)
  • Man is more a part of soul, rather than soul being a part of the man.

October 2, 1997  4:11pm

Time –

The only thing that sets aside Atman from Ajiva is time. Time is the key element of life.

Atman 2

  • life is a recycling process which involves time
  • creation repeats itself

Atman is eternal. Ajiva is a part of the eternal soul, but once that separation from the eternal Atman occurs and Ajiva is formed, they no longer are eternal, but become a timed life in essence. Ajiva is a part of Atman that is separate and is governed by time.

Time is the suppressor! But without, there would be no life!

Truth –

There is no religion without mythology. I believe man can have faith and practice a belief system of truth without the help of an established religion. Within each person is the truth, whether or not the individual cares to think. I do believe that if certain individuals are unable, unwilling, or even scared to leave religion and search for the truth within themselves, that is their right to do so, and they should not be condemned for their acts. Life is a choice in itself; everyday someone can choose to take theirs or anyone else’s life–that is a choice. Life is a series of choices – advancement in knowledge, authenticity, etc… are all options one can choose.

For man to become a true individual in his search for truth, he needs to be aware of certain limitations, which include rationality, morality, and other codes of discipline that restrain his freedom to think./ I am not saying he needs to break those codes, but I am saying he needs to be aware of those codes, so he will know what is the truth, or how the truth from others varies from his own. Morality and other codes are a part of Karma–and the “Golden Rule” of Christianity.

There are certain releases to escape forced thought and delve into free-thought to search for truth. Some have found it in meditation and hypnosis. Some do not need such tools as these. Whatever allows you to bring forth your own abilities and thoughts should be used, however they are achieved. Search within yourself and “exterminate all rational thought.” <– “Naked Lunch”

October 7, 1997   6:00pm

There are two fundamental truths:

  1. There is a supreme power above all living things beyond life and death.
  2. During life, all things must live in cooperation with each other.


  • Those two truths have additions to them.
  • Some additions could be – the Supreme Power is an unconscious creator and not a being. For I feel that most important element of free-thinking that differs from all other ideas is that I do not believe in a human-like being, a conscious and aware creator. I believe in an essence of soul; an eternal force that created all because all is a part of it. A metaphor that could be used is the idea of a brain and we are all thoughts inside the brain, separate and individual, but all a part of the brain.
  • To search for truth within yourself you must first be aware of the two fundamental truths, as those truths lead to all other truths.
  • I also feel that it is necessary for an individual to learn all truths of other ideas so that they can find their own inner truth. Thus, read all religious scriptures and doctrines and realize that within each are the two fundamental truths.
  • Free-thinking is fundamental and basic truth without prejudice of indoctrination of mythology and religion.
  • “To find truth, search within yourself.”
  • “To seek truth, learn from others.”
  • “Seek and ye shall find.”

Part III will conclude this notebook next week. I have many more writings about my spiritual development that I will share, but I think it’s fascinating to see my starting point, my genesis in my evolving spirituality.

Are you currently developing your own spirituality? What have truth have you discovered when looking within?

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