A Very Nice Email from Wor. Bro. Flynn Francisco (Swastik No. 771 in Bombay, India)

This email is reprinted with permission from Wor. Bro. Flynn Francisco.

Hello Bro. Jared 

My name is Flynn Francisco. I’m the current WM of Swastik Lodge 771 IC in Bombay, India. I’m also 26. I am in the same position as Bro. Joshua Rubin was, youngest member of the lodge, all others in the 50-70 range. All the newer brethren are also older than I am. I’m not sure how different, culturally, masonry is different in India as it is in the US (I have also lived in New York for 13 years, but was never old enough to join), but I do agree with Bro. Joshua that things are a little difficult. Freemasonry has sort of stagnated here, and I’m trying to invigorate it with new life. However, my seniors are very supportive of me, but there are separate internal conflicts within the lodges that keep us from progressing.

Anyway, I just emailed to share my small bit of experience since it was a bit similar. It’s only my second month as WM, but I hope I can accomplish enough in my time in the chair. I’ve also recently started a masonic blog myself:themarkedsquare.wordpress.com (just two posts so far). I didn’t really find any other masonic blogs (I’m sure there were, maybe just in India) until I stumbled across yours. Its quite a refreshing read, and will keep me occupied for the next couple of days.

I wish you well on your masonic journey, and I hope that you continue to enlighten others as you have enlightened me.

Flynn Francisco

Thank you for the kind words, brother!!

My only hope with this blog is that some potential, new, or even seasoned brother can make some use of it. I hope to see a submission with your name on it soon, but until then, I’ll make sure I read your blog posts as well, brother.

Brethren, please visit Wor. Bro. Flynn’s blog for exposure to Indian Freemasonry and for Masonic Light in general.

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