The Past Bastard: Making Good Blogs Better

An Onion-type News source has come to Freemasonry in the guise of The Past Bastard, and we are truly blessed. Launched in September this year with a story covering Astoria, Oregon’s Main Street Parade, which led to an explosion in membership for the local Shriners. The Whovians in attendance dug the fezzes and likely thought the little cars were bigger on the inside. Not all of the stories are just flat-out humorous though, like the Onion, some have serious social commentaries beneath the satirical wit, like last month’s story on Thor being denied entry into a Pennsylvania lodge for being an Odinist or the recent story on Metrosexual charges against a brother in Macon, Georgia.

Reporters for the news source include a 49˚ Antediluvian Egyptian Rite of Memphis and Misaim Freemasonic Dentist and seemingly perpetual Worshipful Master, an extremely busy XVI˚, a Grecian drunkard of god-like proportions, an overly indulgent knight seemingly serving either the Earl of Preston or Duke of Ted, a 102nd and 1 half˚ Chilean psychologist whose breakthroughs saved the lives, a possibly Luciferian knight and Managing Editor of The Past Bastard, and a 96˚ modernizer of ancient work. It is without a doubt that they are all well-esteemed among the brethren.

I implore good brothers with good humor to add this site to their bookmarks.

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The Past Bastard: Making Good Blogs (and Podcasts) Better through Satire.

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