Pure Fiction: “Earthbound Gods” Chapter 1 & 2

Pure Fiction

Over the next few months, I am going to post some fictional writings that I have been working on over the years. Many of these, I began prior to becoming a Mason, but interestingly there are elements within them that may seem Masonic in some sense. I have many of these unfinished projects that I am seeking to finish. Help me decide which one I should finish first.

I will post a portion of the beginning of my works and I hope you will leave COMMENTS as to whether you would like to read more. The work that has the most COMMENTS will be the work I will finish first. Also, I will randomly draw the names of FIVE of the commenters to receive prizes, like signed copies of the novel when it is finished.

The current posting is an early draft from the first chapter of a novel I am writing called Earthbound Gods, which is an epic vampire tale that I started just after graduating high school in 1996. I wrote on it for several years, making entries here and there, but gave up on it when the vampire craze kicked into high gear with Twilight, True Blood, and those other shows. I decided recently to start working on it again, because vampires don’t sparkle! Leave COMMENTS, if you think I should keep working on it.

Remember this is an early draft, so if editing is needed, please email me at freshfromthequarry@gmail.com, so that I may make the necessary changes. Thank you!

Ch. 1: Awakenings

Awakened to a harsh, strange penetrating light flashing steadily across sleep heavy eyelids. Sensitive, pale blue eyes profusely blink to avoid the piercing annoyance. Hands slowly rise, obstructing the blinding aggravation and providing a brief deliverance. The smell of decaying refuse fills nostrils flaring in renewed sensation. Automatic reflex, gulping down the tinge of putrescence, resulting in a forced exhale and labored breathing. A tongue grazing unexpectedly rough and sticky teeth. The taste is metallic, salty, nostalgically disgusting, but somehow satisfying.

Renewed senses, like a system reboot reporting internal problems of some infernal machine, wash over the body in arrhythmic shudders identifying pains and concerns. Teeth caked with blood… whose blood? Pains fiercely revealed from gashes across neck and fists. Confusion… contortion. A gnawing annoyance. Finally, a push from some inner core of strength and perseverance. An upward thrust against the wall, the limp body regained some semblance of form and stature.

Rounding the alleyway corner in a drunken stumble, the newly awakened body trampled heavily down the ill-scented, unpopulated, corner of the bleak metropolis. Direction unknown, wandering aimlessly through a myriad of enclosed obstacles and enshrouding lights. Head suddenly pained, swarming with strange thought-murmurs and indescribable vision-bursts, like streaks of light. Colorful lights of red and blue. Voices and laughter, like echoes in a hollow mind, unable to cease. Finding no set path in a faded reality, the driven body stumbles onward, deeper into the modern Sodom.

There is a deep strangeness felt when one is unable to justify between the limits of reality and the reasoning of sanity. Neither knowing where it is that one is headed, nor the direction from whence one has come. The only remembrance is that of suddenly awakening to the sharp pains, only darkness before. A name. A past. A reference. All incomprehensible. Only instincts… a forward direction and a yearning to survive. Like life, only blinded. Lucid, yet catatonic. Brain swelling from over-exertion to achieve just one memory. Darkness again.

I thought she whispered in my ear to awaken me from a silent slumber, as my eyes opened hesitantly to view the face of an angel. Her face, distorted by fear and reddened by haste, spilled unintelligible hysterics from her lips. I placed my hand against her soft rosy cheek and smiled. She quieted, halting her nervousness, and then she lifted me up, placing my hurting body against a wall. Although her words were incomprehensible, her voice soothed my pain… the pain on my neck, the pain in my fists, and this new pain in my chest. My breathing became sporadic… I smiled. Darkness came again.

Bright lights blinding sensitive eyes opened to faces covered by blue and green masks. Irritating annoyances and high-pitched sounds, like piercing spikes, shoved deep into sore ears. Tired and scared… awakened only by fear of dreams that would frighten even the bravest fool. Dreams of blood and fire, darkness and loneliness, and unquenchable desires. Still without a name or past, sudden bursts of recent memories plow through the veil of a lost mind. Quick flashes of pain and blood… pain and blood.

I remember the pain… and the blood. From the ominous shadows, an angel of death, a monster, a demon flew into my chest. The beast thrust its teeth deep into my neck. Although shocked, my fast response caught the vile creature off guard. I was barely able to remove the grotesque thing from my throat. I lunged at the beast, throwing fists against what seemed to be a face… the only reflex I had. The thing laughed. I grew angrier, relentless, and without pity, I did to him what he did to me. I sank my blunted teeth deep into his shoulder, piercing the beast’s skin and drawing forth his tainted blood. Unwavering, I kept my teeth deep within his skin, and I swallowed to breathe. But quickly, I grew tired and lost momentum. I fell to the ground and darkness swallowed my sight.

I remember a light and a voice that sang to me beautifully and heavenly. It brought tears to my eyes as I listened to its song, “The curse of fire is lifted, child of darkness.” I thought it was a dream. Then darkness came.

Ch. 2: Alone

Tears covered my eyes as I woke to the sounds that surrounded me, Earth-shaking sounds and high-pitched screams. I lay on a bed, all in white, bound but clean. Alone I lay, accompanied only by the vivid screen portraying ignorance as bliss to the masses. I called out to a world I no longer wanted to belong. The only reply was a large green woman who came bearing gifts of red and green gelatin. I vomited and watched television.

I realized suddenly that something was wrong when I was awakened by the sound of my heart monitor beeping frantically, steadily. I yanked the wires from my body and proceeded to dress myself. A nurse entered with a tray of gelatin. I told her to leave. She did.

Once dressed, I left the white room and entered the brightly lit hall. Not knowing which way to continue, I stood momentarily in confusion. Then, an answer entered my brain, “Follow the screams.”

As I trampled through the brightly lit halls, I passed bodies… several bodies… strange bodies. Each glowed in an orange-colored haze and I could see purple lines flowing within. Further down the line, I passed a few without purple lines or orangish glow. I stopped to examine these silent corpses, so peaceful and quiet. One opened his eyes and looked at me, asking, “Are you an angel?” I smiled and closed his eyes.

All these beautiful and awe-inspiring sights came to an end at the door of recompense. The decision made at this point could be futile. Either continue the path I have chosen, and search for atonement, or become enslaved in a white, well-lit environment. I chose atonement.

As I entered onto the streets I walked many times before in some previous life, I suddenly became unsure. Although, my memory and certainty slowly returned, I wasn’t truly myself. I felt reborn and naïve in a world that could dominate an individual like myself. But at the same time, I felt haunted by the darkness that overwhelmed me and by the shadows that lingered behind. Mostly, I felt alone.


  1. I just started reading on Chapter one now you have chapter 2 brother whatever you do I would love to have copies of your writings enjoy your read would you please keep my email in your whatever looking for more of you very nice

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