Pure Fiction: “2HVØRHVNØT” Episode 1

Pure Fiction

Over the next few months, I am going to post some fictional writings that I have been working on over the years. Many of these, I began prior to becoming a Mason, but interestingly there are elements within them that may seem Masonic in some sense. I have many of these unfinished projects that I am seeking to finish. Help me decide which one I should finish first.

I will post a portion of the beginning of my works and I hope you will leave COMMENTS as to whether you would like to read more. The work that has the most COMMENTS will be the work I will finish first. Also, I will randomly draw the names of FIVE of the commenters to receive prizes, like signed copies of the novel when it is finished.

The current post is the first Episode of a graphic novel I wrote called 2HVØRHVNØT (To Have or Have Not), which follows an orphaned brother and sister living in a world where those who have super-powers are the haves–those without are the have-nots, and they belong to the latter. The first draft of this project is complete and I have an artist friend working on pages for it. Leave COMMENTS, if you’d like to see more from this project!

Remember this is the first draft, so editing is needed. If you see anything that should be addressed, please email me at freshfromthequarry@gmail.com, so that I may make the necessary changes. Thank you!

Page 1   2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
1.1 Length of MARIO RICKSON’s arm with forearm facing
up, revealing his identity code (24VØR4VNØ) and a knife pressed against the first 4, drawing blood.
1.2 Fellowship City skyline with super-powered people flying/running around it, leaving colorful vapor trails. Caption: In the future… the HAVES are the MAJORITY. They have all the WEALTH, FAME, POWER… SUPERPOWERS!
1.3 Mario’s arm is back a bit, the 4 has been cut to an H, and the knife is pressed against the second 4.
1.4 Three PRE-COG/TELEPATHS (wearing hooded brown monk robes) glow in the neon light of their mental powers. Caption: In the future… HAVES with PRECOGNITIVE/TELEPATHIC POWERS have eliminated crime.
1.5 Mario’s arm is further back, the second 4 is now an H. The knife is pressed against a spot after the Ø.
1.6 A handheld registry scanner with several names and identity codes on it, including Mario (M. K. Rickson….24VØR4VNØ), his sister, ZELDA (Z. R. Rickson….58L1ZØFTØ), and
 as many others that can fit on the screen. Caption: In the future… everyone lives in PEACE & HARMONY… Even the HAVE-NOTS.

Caption: Once the RULERS of EARTH, they (without super-powers) are now the SERVANTS of the HAVEs. Each are listed in the CENTRAL REGISTRY and BRANDED with an IDENTITY CODE.

1.7 Mario’s forearm only, revealing the knife has cut a letter T after his Identity Code. The code now reads” 2HVØRHVNØT.
1.8 Panorama of the Work Placement Camp with morning sun rising behind Fellowship City skyline in the background. A line of HAVE-NOTS forms at the gate, as buses approach from the city. From one of the many camp houses, an alarm BEEPS repeatedly. Caption: In the future… the HAVE-NOTS who please the HAVES get to live in nice, special housing in the SOUTHSIDE GHETTO, while everyone else lives in the WORK PLACEMENT CAMPS outside of the city. Those with jobs are bussed to and from work daily.

Page 2   2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
2.1 A digital alarm clock is the source of the beeps. It reads 5:56AM.
2.2 Mario hurries to get dressed and rushes out the door. MARIO

Shit, I’m late!

2.3 Mario runs passed a line of people toward a bus. A GUARD with a tail stands in his way in the distance.
2.4 As Mario tries to rush passed, the Guard’s tail swoops down at Mario like a toll bridge.

The Sign on the Bus reads Fellowship City.


Where do you think you’re going?


That’s my bus. I have to be at work at 6.

2.5 Guard points to the long line of people. They all look perturbed at Mario. GUARD

Looks like you’re going to be late… Get in line, like all the other Citizens.

Page 3   2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
3.1 Crestfallen, Mario walks toward the end of the line, head down. Caption: CITIZENS… it used to be such an important word, but now it connotes the LESSER… like how the military or police called people “CIVILIANS.”
3.2 Mario finds the end of the line. GUARD waves his tail in the distance. Caption: There isn’t a need for military or police anymore. The MIGHTY run a tight ship. The MIGHTY is what they like to be called. They used to be called the ABNORMALS…. and us CITIZENS, we used to be the NORMALS.
3.3 Earth viewed from space, sun scorching it in the distance. Ice caps melted away, nuclear explosions abounding. Caption: After the ice caps melted and the nuclear summer began, human DNA began to change… MUTATE.
3.4 Several MUTATED HUMANS rising from the ashes of nuclear clouds, fighting against NORMALS. Caption: Those who were immune to the mutations were NORMAL.
3.5 ABNORMALS are rounded up and put into Internment Camps. Caption: The ABNORMALS were first small in number and easily contained.
3.6 ABNORMALS are stamped and tagged with RFID implants, which are scanned with a handheld registry scanner. Their name, tag, and ability listed on the registry computer database. Caption: Their “SPECIAL GIFTS” were registered, so “NORMAL” people felt safer.

Page 4   2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
4.1 ABNORMALS fighting with their powers against the NORMALS military. Caption: Eventually, they grew in number, got organized, and fought back.




Kill them all! Let DARWIN sort it out!

Caption: The First Evolution War had begun!

4.2 ABNORMALS fall to the military might of the NORMALS. Caption: Though the Abnormals fought fiercely, their lack of military skill and leadership led to their defeat against the far superior forces of the NORMAL soldiers.

Page 5  2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
5.1 Many Abnormals and Normals lay dead on the battle field. Normals round up the Abnormals again, which are much smaller in number. They raise their arms in surrender. Caption: We thought we won the first war… the Abnormals who survived declared fealty to the Normals.


Round up the survivors.



5.2 Abnormals use their powers to serve Normals. TELEKINETICS cleaning houses, MAGNOKINETICS and STRONGS working construction, and a PYROKINETIC steams a cappuccino for a Normal. NORMAL MAN

Make that a decaf special caramel skinny cap.

Caption: They became our servants… our slaves.

5.3 STRONGS, RACERS, and HYBRIDS fight/race in gladiatorial challenges for the Normals to bet on. A Bookie takes money from a Normal in a suit with a wad of cash. BOOKIE

Yessir! Two Hundred Thousand on the MAD DASHER!

Caption: They became our entertainment.

Page 6   2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
6.1 Normals watch a movie “ENDER’S REVENGE” where slasher/killer, JOEY ENDER slaughters Abnormal Hillbillies in the Georgia wilderness. An Abnormal attendant hides her eyes with her tail, as Ender stabs an ELECTROKINETIC Hillbilly from behind, his lightning shooting off in the distance as he dies. Normals in attendance CHEER. ATTENDANT

Oh my God!


Yaaah! Kill that freak, Ender!


Joey Ender is so cool!


Yeah. I love him.

Caption: The “Peace” lasted for nearly 10 years.

6.3 Conjoined twins, a boy and girl named SOL and LUNA, are pulled from their Abnormal Mother by an Abnormal Midwife. Caption: When we finally let our guard down, THEY CAME!






Oh God!

6.4 Abnormals’ heads buzz, as they do their mundane work for the normals. Caption: Before them, the Abnormals were just MUTANTS with “SPECIAL GIFTS”…
6.5 Abnormals gather together underground, learning to use their skills, while their heads buzz. Caption: An underground rebellion blossomed among the Abnormals…

Page 6   2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
6.6 SOL and LUNA sit in a meditative silence, their head buzzing outward to the other Abnormals. Caption: Although they never spoke outwardly, they communicated with all the Abnormals through their minds… They were the first of the PRE-COG/TELEPATHS.





6.7 Abnormals raise their right arms, revealing their RFID tags. Their powers apparent on their fists. ABNORMALS


Caption: The MIGHTY revere them as GODS!

Page 7  2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
7.1 Abnormals heads buzz, as they work in organized teams to defeat the Normal military. Caption: The Second Evolution War lasted less than a week.



7.2 Abnormals fly and run around dropping dead Normal bodies onto huge piles of dead Normals. Caption: They wiped out over 80% of OUR population.
7.3 Submissive Normals are rounded up by Abnormals and placed into a Work Placement Camp. The sign reads “WPC.” Caption: Those of us left were placed into Work Placement Camps and made servants to the MIGHTY.
7.4 Aggressive Normals are bound by Abnormals and pushed/prodded into a Solitary Internment Camp, a rundown, prison camp. The dilapidated sign reads “SIC.” Caption: Those who were not fit to work in the city were placed into Solitary Internment Camps (SIC).

Page 8   2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
8.1 SPLASH PAGE – Aerial view of Work Placement camp. Adults line up orderly at one end. Children run around and play. Caption: My mother and father grew up in a Work Placement Camp.


Tag! You’re it!


Nope! I have Bounce Powers.




Whatever you do bounces off me and goes back onto you!

Page 9   2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
9.1 Young Boy is TOMMY RICKSON. He plays videogames on something that looks like a Nintendo 64 and the game on the screen looks like Super Mario World. A game that looks like Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time sits next to it. Young Girl, LIZBETH peeks in the door. Caption: My Dad really liked the retro videogames…


Are you coming to play?

9.2 Tommy tosses his controller down and runs out the door after Lizbeth. Caption: But, he liked my Mom even more.


I get to be Colonel Crusader this time, Lizbeth!


Only if you can catch me, Tommy


9.3 Lizbeth, now 18 and beautiful, stands in the bus line, looking around her. Tommy runs toward her in the distance. Caption: When my parents were 18, they were put to work.
9.4 Tommy steps behind Lizbeth, putting his arm around her waist. LIZBETH

You’re late!


I had to get something.

9.5 Tommy gives Lizbeth a ring. Caption: My father saved enough money to buy her a ring and ask her hand in marriage…
9.6 Lizbeth is in tears. Her pregnant belly is revealed. Caption: and I was already on my way.


Is that a yes?!?


Yes! Yes!

Page 10 2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
10.1 A pregnant Lizbeth wipes a countertop in a camphouse, a three-year-old MARIO runs around. Caption: Mothers with young children didn’t work in the city. So, I had lots of time with my mom.


Calm down, Mario!



10.2 Tommy stands at the end of the bed next to a Midwife whose head is between Lizbeth’s legs. Caption: Even when my sister came…


Almost there!


Push, baby! You’re doing great!


Fuck you, Tommy Trickster! You did this to me!


I love you!

10.3 Tommy holds a bloodied, blond baby. Lizbeth smiles in the background. Midwife tends to her. TOMMY

Such beautiful blond hair.


Yes, she has.


Zelda! Her name is Zelda!

Page 10 2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
10.4 Three-year-old Mario looks into the crib at newborn Zelda. Tommy and Lizbeth stand behind, watching him. Caption: I wasn’t sure about her at first.


She lives here?


Yes, Mario. She’s your sister.





10.5 Eight-year-old Mario and five-year old Zelda play like their parents had. Caption: But, she grew on me.


I’m the princess… and you’re the prince! You have to save me!


As you wish, your highness!

Page 11 2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
11.1 Mario stands in line waiting to go to work. Zelda now 17 years old (blonde and pretty, much like her mother) walks passed him, sticking her tongue out. Caption: Today.



Now, I’m 20 and have to work, while Zelda still gets to play.





Well… only for a few more months.

11.2 Zelda waves goodbye to Mario as she follows a BOY her age and some other FRIENDS. ZELDA

Have fun at work, Mario!



She still thinks she’s a princess.

11.3 Close up on Mario’s eyes. Caption: It’s probably my fault. After we lost our parents, I raised her the best I could. I thought letting her play her perpetual princess game would help her.
11.4 Mario (age 13) and Zelda (age 10) stand outside of an arcade, tears in their eyes and streaming down their faces. The neon sign on the door reads DerMööve’s Arcade & Grill. Caption: The last time we saw our parents, I was 13 and Zelda was 10.

Page 12 2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
12.1 SPLASH PAGE – Inside the arcade, Tommy, Lizbeth (wearing a short dress), Mario, and Zelda play ski-ball. Caption: Our father loved retro videogames, hence our names. One day for a special treat, he took us to DerMööve’s Arcade & Grill.


It’s not working for me.


Come on, Princess. You can do it.


She’s throwing over hand.


Toss it underhand, sweetie.







Caption: The arcade was owned by a Telekin Mighty called DerMööve.

Page 13 2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
13.1 DERMÖÖVE (30s, slick hair, debonaire, but creepy, dressed in a stylish suit) sits at a booth watching the Rickson Family play. The salt and pepper shakers float above his hand. Caption: Telekins can move things with their minds.
13.2 Webnet Mightybase profile entry for DerMööve. Looks like a modelmayhem.com profile page. The Webnet Mightybase logo at the top left, a picture of the Mighty below that. Name enlarged and bolded next to it. Below that age/sex/ability, and location. (Ex. DerMööve 33/M/TelekinLVL3 Fellowship City) Below that is the About Me section. (Ex. Propreiter of DerMööve’s Arcade & Grill on 20th and B in Fellowship City. Come enjoy our Retro Videogames, including Pinball, Skiball, Cabinet games, Virtual and Augmented Reality games, and more. Enjoy our authentic early Pre-Evol War BBQ!) Below that are Comments. (Ex. 4SK ̄oR – THIS IS NOT 4 ADVERTISING, LÖÖSER! DerMööve – You don’t have to yell.) Below the picture on the left are sections marked Pics with smaller thumbnails of additional pictures and Vids with similar looking thumbnails. Caption: Any Mighty can be found in the Webnet Mightybase. Before the second Evolution War, it was the Abnormals Registry, but now it’s become a social networking website for the Mighty, sharing pics and vids of their abilities.
13.3 Blurred screens, merging several different Mighty pages together. Caption: From Aquakins making ice castles, Mimics changing their appearance before our eyes, Phantoms walking through walls, and Zo’opaths controlling animals.

Page 13 2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
13.4 Webnet Mightybase profile entry for JAKANDY (early
30s, dressed in the robes
of the Pre-Cog Monks of
Sol and Luna). (Ex. JAKANDY 32/M/PreCogLVL5 The Monastery – About me: Like most PreCogs, I am a monk of the Sol and Luna cult, spending most of my time in meditation
and study at the Monastery. Although I have taken the seventh step, I was educated in Justice, committing
myself to Fellowship City
as an Adjudicator. Remember we know what you’ll do
before you think it! :D
- Comments: TANALIA – Were you meditating in the Arborium earlier today? JAKANDY – Practicing Hindsight? TANALIA – Nearsight… just trying to confirm.) Caption: All the Mighty and their “Special Gifts” are listed.
13.5 In front of the ski-ball games, Tommy kisses Lizbeth, Mario raises both hands in the air, looking at his score: 8500 (higher score than the others), and Zelda looks menacingly at her brother, arms crossed. MARIO

I win! I win!



Page 14 2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
14.1 DerMööve tosses the salt and pepper to the side and flicks his finger.
14.2 Similar picture to P.13 Panel 5, but Lizbeth’s dress is raised by an unseen force, revealing her thong panties. Mario sticks tongue out at Zelda, her eyes are big. ZELDA


14.3 Lizbeth turns toward Mario and Zelda. Tommy notices her lifted dress. His eyes widen, as he tries to push it down. LIZBETH

Quit messing with her…


Your dress.



14.4 DerMööve laughs, hysterically. Caption: Pre-Cogs never stopped the Mighty from messing with Citizens…
14.5 Tommy looks enraged, pointing toward DerMööve. Lizbeth tries to hold him back. LIZBETH

Calm down, Tom. You can’t…


Bash his fucking brains in!

14.6 Mario and Zelda’s eyes widen, looking at their angered father. LIZBETH

You can’t even think it! They’ll know.

14.7 DerMööve points at them. DERMÖÖVE

Nichts?!? You like, Citizen?

Page 15 2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
15.1 Lizbeth’s shirt bursts open, buttons flying across the room, revealing her breasts. Tommy leans to Mario. LIZBETH



Take Zelda and hide!

15.2 Mario and Zelda run upstairs.
15.3 Tommy puts his jacket over Lizbeth. TOMMY

I’m going to take care of this.


Please Tommy, no.


Go keep him busy.

15.4 DerMööve stands up from his booth. DERMÖÖVE

Weglaufen, little man!

15.5 Tommy looks back as he walks away. Lizbeth walks toward DerMööve. LIZBETH

Could you please leave us alone?

15.6 DerMööve waves him arm.
15.7 Lizbeth loses her covering. DerMööve fondles her breast.

Page 16 2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
16.1 Tommy pulls a iron rod free from a window.
16.2 Mario and Zelda watch from their hiding spot.
16.3 DerMööve forces Lizbeth onto the table, using his powers to pull off her clothes. DERMÖÖVE

I will taste your mother’s milk, jungen frau!


Leave me alone!

16.4 Tommy raises the rod and runs toward DerMööve. Caption: My father didn’t have a chance…

Page 17 2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
17.1 Jakandy bursts through the doors of the arcade, blasting Tommy with a taze-cannon (ZzoOozZ) just as he was about to hit DerMööve with the rod. DERMÖÖVE

Mein Gott!



Caption: Pre-Cogs always stop Citizens!

17.2 Tommy flies back, electricity rippling across his body. Mario and Zelda’s eyes are huge in their dark, hiding spot.
17.3 Tommy falls to the ground, twitching. The bottom of Jakandy’s robe in the right foreground. JAKANDY

Citizen, by order of the Pre-Cognition Justice Assembly you are hereby reprimanded to the Fellowship City Solitary Internment Camp* for hard labor for the rest of your days, so says Adjudictaor Jakandy, Monk step 7.

Caption: *SIC

17.4 Lizbeth runs toward Tommy. Jakandy’s hand stops her. LIZBETH

He was only…


Violating the Citizen Peace Statute!

17.5 Close-up on Mario and Zelda’s eyes, wide, full of tears. JAKANDY

For aiding and abetting in such a crime…

17.6 Close-up on Lizbeth’s eyes, scared, full of tears. JAKANDY

You will be given under the guardianship…

Page 17 2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
17.7 Close-up on DerMööve, smiling wickedly. JAKANDY

Of the Mighty known as DerMööve.

17.8 Lizbeth falls to her knees, pleading with Jakandy. Mario and Zelda’s eyes are wide and full of tears in their dark hiding place. LIZBETH

Nooo! Please have mercy.


Do with her as you please!

Caption: That was the last time we saw our mother and father.

Page 18 2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
18.1 Close-up of digital watch reading 6:22AM. Caption: That’s Justice in the Future…
18.2 Mario stands in line among others. Caption: the Normals… Citizens are not to be trusted.
18.3 Pulled back, showing more people in line around Mario. They point to the sky. Caption: We are looked down upon.
18.4 Aerial view of Mario standing in the middle of a long line. Caption: We are the fleas of society.

Page 19 2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
19.1 Perspective from the ground, a large and small object fly toward those in line, who point up. PERSON 1

What is it?



19.2 The objects get closer. PERSON 1

Can’t be birds. They don’t have wings.



19.3 We can now see that two STRONG/FLYERS approach the camp. One of them carries someone in front of them. PERSON 1

What are they carrying?


More like who?!?

19.4 Closer now, we can see they carry a Pre-Cog (TANALIA, late 20s, reddish-long hair, wearing a monk robe). PERSON 1


Page 20 2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
20.1 Tanalia stands at the front of the line before the buses, talking to the Guard with the tail. The Strong/Flyers stand behind her, like bodyguards. Caption: It’s never a good thing when a Pre-Cog arrives at the camp.
20.2 Tanalia shows the Guard a handheld registry, the Guard points toward the back of the line. People turn to look where he points, looking panicked and scared. Caption: Pre-Cog’s cause panic and fear among us.
20.3 Tanalia and her bodyguards walk down the line toward Mario, as people in line look down toward Mario. Caption: You never want to be the person they’re looking for.
20.4 Mario looks back and people behind him look at him. Caption: Oh, Shit!

Page 21 2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
21.1 Tanalia and her bodyguards stand behind Mario, who still faces behind him. The eyes of the people in line behind him are wide and on Tanalia. TANALIA

Are you 24VØR4VNØ?

21.2 Mario now looks nervously at Tanalia and her bodyguards. Tanalia holds the handheld scanner out. Caption: Shit! Shit!
21.3 She scans Mario’s defaced identity code on his forearm.
21.4 Close-up on Tanalia’s eyes, squinting in disapproval.
21.5 Handheld registry provides a picture of Mario with his Identity Code next to it. Below that is his name, location, height, weight, etc. Also known family with three identity codes next to three letters/numbers: F/38, M/38, and S/17.

Page 22 2HVØRHVNØT: Episode 1… Welcome to Fellowship City

Panel Description Dialog
22.1 Mario looks nervously at Tanalia, she faces him in the foreground. TANALIA

You worked at QT’s House of Jacks until 11pm last night?



22.2 Tanalia holds up the scanner. TANALIA

You were scanned in at 2:14AM?



22.3 Close-up on Mario. MARIO

I went to a Normals club south of B… I got the last bus at 1:45 down the street.


You need to come with us.

22.4 A Strong/Flyer carries Tanalia into the air. The other Strong/Flyer carries Mario. His eyes are wide and he looks green. Caption: I’ve never been in the air like this before…
22.5 Long shot, Mario vomits into the air over the camp. Caption: I vomited.


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