6016 A.L. and I’m Feeling Optimistic


This year is going to be a great year… a huge year. We’ve got so much to look forward to. There are some insanely awesome movies coming out this year. Plus, the return of Orange is the New Black and House of Cards on Netflix, and Game of Thrones on HBO! Not to mention, the X-Files is back! Star Trek turns 50, celebrating with a new movie. Shakespeare died 400 years ago, so there will be huge celebrations at Stratford-upon-Avon.  Technology is going crazy with virtual reality (Oculus, Teslasuit), making the world closer to the setting of Ernest Cline’s Ready Player OneQueen Elizabeth turns 90, sharing a birthday with yours truly. In the USA, we will have a new president-elect in November. All of that and we even get a whole extra day on February 29th.

I am very excited for this year, as you can hopefully tell. I will be installed as Junior Deacon of the Southern California Research Lodge in South Pasadena on January 18th and Senior Steward of my home lodge in Claremont on January 30th. If you are around the areas, please join us. Additionally this year, I will be playing the roll of the first ruffian in the Pasadena Scottish Rite‘s performance of The Spirit of Hiram, as well as serving as a member of the VMAP committee. I look forward to reprising my role in the 28th degree at the Spring Reunion and assisting the director for the 18th degree. Hopefully, I will be knighted by the Knights of St. Andrew this year, as I continue to serve the brethren at the Valley of Pasadena.

Additionally, I have started a charitable work, which I wrote about previously here. The Charles M. Parsons Scholarship Fund has started a Booster campaign to raise funds for this charitable venture. We are selling T-shirts with a distressed, vintage logo of the Parsons Ranch in Buttonwillow, CA.

Military Green

As always, I welcome submissions from brothers of all stages of Ashlar-shaping, be it fresh from the quarry to nearly honed perfection. Share something about your journey, education, or give advice to potential and new Masons who need it. Let this year be your year to write something and share it. If you would like to share something on my blog, email me.

New Year Message3

If my blog isn’t the right place for you, check out some other Masonic blogs at Ashlars-Ashes.blogspot.com for one that might fit. Masonic bloggers are always looking for content and would gladly accept your contributions.

I hope you have a wonderful year! Let’s continue to make Freemasonry great together!

Sincerely and fraternally yours,

Jared K. Chapman


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