All a Buzz in the New Year


Really, buzz is just code for busy, like “busy as a bee,” because that’s exactly what I am. Freemasonry subreddit user coldcraft reminded me about an image I had created last June for this blogpost, which he had borrowed for his lodge’s website. He hoped that I had made a new one for him to steal. So, I grabbed the calendar from off the wall and started plotting in some of the things my family had going on this month. This doesn’t include school (except to say no school) or work, and not much of my wife’s schedule is on there, because she’s more organized than we are.

My events are highlighted in blue, my oldest son’s in orange, and my youngest son’s in yellow. We also have a couple of fun family events highlighted in pink. As can be seen, my events far outweigh those of my family. I have multiple blue lodge, research lodge, and Scottish Rite meetings this month. I also have rehearsals for the Spirit of Hiram, a stage dramatization of the third degree in Freemasonry. Next Thursday, I have a rehearsal in Pasadena that conflicts with my Officer’s School of Instruction meeting at my home lodge where I am going to be installed as Senior Steward on the 30th. I cannot be at both. Unfortunately, Freemasons have not succeeded in making clones, no matter what the conspiracists say.

The hardest part is when my events conflict with my sons’ events. On Monday, Jan 18th both my son and I have meetings in towns 30 miles apart. I cannot miss mine, as I’m being installed as Junior Deacon of the Southern California Research Lodge. It’s a harder decision to make when it comes to that Saturday. My son will be in Anaheim for his DeMolay jurisdiction’s ritual competition. I was able to see his league competition on the ninth, but on the 23rd I have a Knights of St. Andrew stated meeting and the inaugural meeting for the Valley of Pasadena Master Craftsman Study Group that I am spearheading. There is no way I can miss that.

I do not even have listed any of the installations or Masonic education opportunities I have been invited to this month. I am reminded of our lessons in the first degree and of Worshipful Brother Benjamin Franklin’s dayplanning. We can get very much involved, as one brother told me, “There is always something to do, everyday of the week in Freemasonry. If you wanted to, you’d never have to eat at home again.” So, the joke goes about the older brother who hasn’t eaten at home in years. We must not become overwhelmed with obligations by not considering the lessons we are taught, so that they instead become burdens. I will be a very busy man this year, but I will strive to do so in the way of Bro. Ben Franklin by doing it on my own terms.




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