One year!

Wow, brethren! One year ago, yesterday, I was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. It has been a whirlwind romance! Over this last year, I have joined the Scottish Rite and received my 32°, Knights of St. Andrew (service arm to SR), Scottish Rite Research Society, and the Southern California Research Lodge (SCRL, now serving as the Junior Deacon). In my home lodge, I am serving as the Senior Steward and member of the Business Hall Association and Investment Committee, and at the Scottish Rite I am a member of the VMAP Committee and director of the Master Craftsman Study Group.

I thoroughly enjoy the education that I am and have been receiving by attending the Illumination Lectures at South Pasadena Masonic Lodge, the Philosophical Discussion Group at the Pasadena Scottish Rite Cathedral, and the Master Craftsman Study Group to name but a few. I am proud to be a part of the SCRL’s relaunch of the Fraternal Review and will be submitting a paper for the month of April… and my second year is just getting started.

Recently, I launched a Scholarship Fund named for my grandfather and with the intention to support community and junior college students facing adversity. I am extremely happy to say that today we have obtained fiscal sponsorship and all donations will be tax deductible. This is a momentous occasion. I fell like things are falling into place for me. My wife is amazing and does what she does very well. My children are happy and hopeful. Life could not be better, though I know it will be. If Freemasonry has taught me anything, it is to be positive and open to allow those good things to come and make me a better person for it.

Thank you for continuing to follow the blog! If you would like to contribute, please contact me.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Jared K. Chapman

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