Read First

I’m a new Master Mason fresh from the quarry, seeking light and knowledge. I’m a doctoral student, studying social psychology, and as such, I’m a skilled researcher. I’m also a creative writer and aspiring filmmaker. But, most importantly, I am a husband and father. This is the story of my Masonic Journey, as it unfolds.

Seeking Contributors

Brethren, I am looking for fellow Masons fresh from the quarry who would like to share their own Masonic Journey with others. Please send submissions before Wednesday to be posted on Contributor’s Corner on Thursdays.

I am also seeking seasoned Brothers who have advice to give younger Brothers or impart some knowledge, wisdom, and education. Please send submissions before Monday to be posted on From The Mentor’s Mouth on Tuesdays.

If you are interested, complete the form below. Please put Contributor’s Corner or From The Mentor’s Mouth in the subject heading for which topic you would like to submit. Also, if you would like to submit a multi-parter or be a regular contributor, I am open to that as well.

S& F, J



To Support this Blog, I’ve created an Amazon Store. All Proceeds above and beyond what is needed to run the blog will be Donated to Charity!

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