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In most cases, they'd been exposed to HIV. The CDC says the biggest problem is that women who have had a lifetime history of AIDS have fewer partners than those who never had one. It was the problem with sex, the CDC says, that led to condom use. In other words, the HIV-positive were more than twice as likely to get unprotected sex as those who never had one. The HIV-negative were four times as likely to get cancer, and five times as likely to have liver cancer. And the high frequency of sexually transmitted infections—such as STDs like gonorrhoeae—is more common than the low-to-moderate frequency among the HIV-positive. (There are other causes for this, too: A lack of condoms could make unprotected sex more dangerous. The lack of sex among women is also why many poor women who become exposed to HIV don't get tested, though a new study from NYU and Northwestern researchers has shown that it actually does. While we don't know how HIV is transmitted, we assume that it's the major source, said Maryanne Schmitt, an epidemiologist and director of the Division of Epidemiology and Public Health Studies at NYU School of Medicine and the study's lead author.